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Stick Dulcimer Guitar Chord Guide (in D)
Stick Dulcimer Guitar Chord Guide (in D)
Stick Dulcimer Guitar Chord Guide (in D)
Stick Dulcimer Guitar Chord Guide (in D)

Stick Dulcimer Guitar Chord Guide (in D)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of stick dulcimers, pickin' sticks, Strumsticks, and dulcimer guitars!

This 22-Page Stick Dulcimer Guitar Chord Guide will give you all the tools you need to play any standard chord in more than one way.  It's a compilation of all the most common chords I use in the instruction videos both here and on the YouTube channel.

dulcimer guitar chord guide image

Learn how to read chord symbols, why "barre chords" are so important (and how they can really open your playing up), and the reasoning behind choosing one chord over another.  Dulcimer guitars are the easiest stringed instruments in the world to learn, and the 1-Finger ("barre") chords will show you why!

Plus, there are chord diagrams and accompanying pictures to help you get going quick.  Everything a beginner needs to learn songs and have fun. 

With this guide you'll be able to look at a chord chart and demystify the symbols.  Don't like the way one chord sounds?  Here are some options.  Is one chord shape hurting your hand?  Try another one.

Table of Contents

  • How to Use This Guide
  • Chord Shorthand Notations
  • Reading Chord Diagrams
  • A Word About Fingers
  • Barre Chords?!  (UG!)
  • A Word About Chord Shapes
  • Chord Diagrams in the Key of D
  • Strumstick Extras… The 6.5 fret (“flat 7”)
  • How Do I Choose Chords?
  • What Chords Are (the simplest answer)
  • Power Chords

Also... you'll receive an updated version of this guide whenever we discover a new chord or technique to add to it (hint: give us some feedback to make it better ;-)

Want to grab another download?  There's a FREE Key Change Guide - Get it!