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Pickin' Sticks, by Hand!

steve olson and ethany of wandering minstrel inc stick dulcimers

Wandering Minstrel is a lovely little stick dulcimer (aka Pickin' Sticks) shop located in Omaha, NE. 

Steve Olson has been hand-crafting his take on the pickin' stick for over 8 years and is the founder of Wandering Minstrel. He personally builds every one of Minstrel's instruments.  He has over 30 years of professional manufacturing experience and puts it to good use building playable pieces of art!

Ethany helps give their instruments an artistic feel with her eye for natural art found within the woods they use.

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  • Walnut with Birdseye Pine Soundboard
    Walnut with Birdseye Pine Soundboard
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