Learn Lewis Capaldi's "Someone You Loved" on Stick Dulcimer

I was less aware of this song than I should've been. Perhaps I've erred away from pop against my better judgement? It's a strong tune, and fairly easy to play, especially if you start with the 1-Finger version.

I'm demonstrating this on a pickin' stick in G, which is the same as a baby Strumstick. But if you're using a standard D tuning, just learn the finger shapes and fret locations and you'll have it down!

Want to learn some other stick dulcimer songs? We've got a nice batch of instructional material on our YouTube channel, as well as migrating over to this site.

Strumstick Lessons

I also played it with both versions (1-Finger and Multi-Finger) in the same cover so you could see a method of how it works. Hopefully I didn't botch it too much (this was not as easy as it looks on TV).

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