IMPROVE Your Fingerpicking: 3-Finger Triplet | Seagull Merlin & Strumstick

This is fingerpicking pattern is common enough, but the meter you might use it on (3/4,or just general triplet feel), is far less common than quarter time (4/4). But because it's so natural to the hand and muscle coordination, as well as how it partners with the 3-Finger Roll and the 2-Finger Claw, it's good to have it in your bag of tricks.

Pair this with the 2-Finger Claw picking style  You're starting to build a tool kit now!

Make sure to keep your right hand in a natural position such that your finger movements are not any different than they would be if you were simply flexing your fingers in and out. This will work for all sorts of stick dulcimers, including Strumstick, Seagull Merlin, and pickin' sticks. (And guitars, ukuleles, etc)

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